Lila Everett

Founder & CEO


Chances are Millennimedia’s CEO Lila Everett has shaped your concept of excellence in media today. She specializes in making entertainment marketing not only appealing, but profitable – a unique combination making her a recognized leader in the media industry. Her creativity and vision for evolving brands, entertainment marketing and new media platforms have helped her to create successful programs and promotions worldwide for networks like The Discovery Channel, TLC, FOX Sports and HGTV, where she was the architect of the HGTV Dream Home, a groundbreaking franchise that continues to thrive in popularity and profitability.

Our team has defined brand positioning, creative strategy and game changing campaigns for some of the largest television networks and emerging entertainment brands in the world. Millennimedia specializes in building hand-picked teams and opening doors to achieve success and measurable results for your brand. We’re creating smart media and profitable campaigns for the new millennium. Millennimedia is entertainment marketing mastered.

–Lila Everett