21 Apr 2015

Millennimedia: Helping Brands Go BIG

Media Branding Pioneer Lila Everett Launches Entertainment

21 Apr 2015

Media Branding Pioneer Lila Everett Launches Entertainment Marketing Agency Millennimedia

CEO Says New Agency is Uniquely Positioned to Help Brands and Emerging Media Companies “Go Big”

(New York, NY) April 21, 2015 – Media leader Lila Everett announced the launch of Millennimedia, a new media and entertainment marketing agency specializing in creating powerful and profitable multimedia campaigns. Millennimedia will elevate brands by giving them access to top tier quality, creativity and placement across both traditional and new media platforms.

“We help brands go big by bringing them the best talent in entertainment marketing today and opening marketing doors that have traditionally been closed to companies outside of the entertainment industry,” said Everett, Millennimedia CEO, well known senior marketing executive, and one of the creators of history-making brands like Bravo, TLC, The Discovery Channel, and HGTV, where she was the architect of the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway, a groundbreaking franchise that continues to thrive in popularity and profitability. “Today, entertainment marketing isn’t reserved for network giants and legacy brands with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. Millennimedia brings multimedia content of the highest production value and premium placement to a broad spectrum of emerging brands with campaigns that not only make an impact, they make a profit.”

Millennimedia offers a comprehensive array of entertainment marketing services, including Marketing & Media Strategy, Media Production, Sales Promotion & Events, and Procurement Consulting. From executive briefing to team training and budget development and media planning, the experienced experts at Millennimedia work with brands to create winning brand positioning strategies. Leaders in media production, Millennimedia brings brands to life with fully integrated marketing campaigns, including branded content, commercial spots, and on air promotion. Sales promotion and events services include newfront and upfront presentations and events, as well as corporate and sales videos. Millennimedia also helps its clients by strategically managing RFPs from release to selection and by conducting critical media, creative, and promotional agency searches.

About Millennimedia

With a killer combination of next generation creativity and bottom line business savvy, Millennimedia is an entertainment marketing agency dedicated to bringing the best in the business to its brand clients. Its team of experienced experts has defined brand positioning, creative strategy and game changing mulitmedia campaigns for some of the largest television networks and high profile brands in the world. With a passion for helping brands and emerging media companies achieve both traditional and new media success, Millennimedia specializes in building teams of proven professionals to bring measurable results to brand initiatives. Millennimedia is creating smart media and profitable campaigns for the new millennium. Millennimedia is entertainment marketing mastered.

About the CEO, Lila Everett

Lila Everett specializes in making entertainment marketing not only appealing, but profitable – a unique combination making her a media leader. Her leadership, creativity, and vision for the rapidly evolving realities of programming, entertainment marketing and brand media have helped her to create brands and shape successful programs and promotions worldwide for history-making networks like The Discovery Channel, HGTV, Bravo, Showtime and FOX Sports. Now, as the founder of Millennimedia, she helps to create and manage media, entertainment marketing strategies and breakthrough campaigns for emerging media companies and brands that are ready to become the next standard for new media success – on the screen and on the spreadsheet.









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